Amphibious Tractor, Personnel
LVTP-5A1 Amtrak

Crew 3 (Crew Chief, Driver, Machine Gunner)
Passengers / Troops 34 (up to 45 possible)

Armored Assault Vehicle (Amphibious). Also saw use as Medivac Vehicle in combat zones. Employed to deliver General Cargo. Command LVTP-5 same as basic variant, but carried extra radios and antenna mounts.

USMC Amtrak Platoons (full strength) were made up of 10 LVTP-5's during the Vietnam War. An Amtrak Battalion comprised 120 LVT's. Deployment began in 1956.

Overall Length 29 feet 8 inches
Overall Width 11 feet 8 1/2 inches
Height 10 feet
Combat Weight 39.8 tons
Engine One V-12 Continental AV-1790-1 Gasoline Engine. 12 Fuel Cells in the Hull bottom carried 456 gallons.
Maximum Speed 30 mph on land
6.6 mph waterborne
Range 190 miles on land
57 miles waterborne
Variants (Number Produced)

(41) LVTE-1 Designed for Mine Sweeping

(65) LVTR-1 Designed for Recovery Operations

(210) LVTH-6 Designed for either Direct or Indirect Fire Support. Also called 'How6's', armed with new turret and 105mm Howitzer

(0) LVTAA-1 Intended for Anti-Aircraft employment, and to be equipped with the turret and weapons from the M42 Duster. Only the prototype built


91 = Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton
313 = FMC
239 = Ingersoll
425 = St.Louis Car Mfg. Co.
56 = Pacific Car and Foundry

Production Run 1951 to 1957, 1,124 Vehicles Total.

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