Armored Convoy Escort

With Deep Appreciation
The Following Individuals Contributed Greatly to the Completion of this Project
Vietnam Gun Truck Veterans Dave Willett, James Lyles and Jerry Barnes

Scratch/Conversion AFV Club #3504 M35A2 Cargo Truck
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Armored Convoy Escort "Nancy" Photo Gallery

When I set out to model "Nancy" I never dreamed I would rebuild the model years later. I'm actually seriously contemplating a third build-up because of more photos have become available of this truck. If I do decide to undertake that project, these pages will yet again be updated...

Of all the types of gun trucks fielded for convoy escort duties in the Vietnam War, my modeling favorites are the Quad Fifty armed Deuces and Five-Ton Cargo Trucks. Hence, when I started a second gun truck miniature after 1995's "Babs", an obvious choice was "Nancy". My original miniature was based on photos in Squadron Signal's Armor in the Vietnam War. None were in color, and I had limited views in which to work with, but I pressed on in building the miniature. Several years later, I obtained new photos of "Nancy" - and in color too!

The photo at right is a 1968 shot of "Nancy". This one photo was worth the three I had used previously, and pointed out some detail errors and omissions in my first miniature.

The color plate below depicts the configuration I modeled in 1996 - except for the details and colors of her logo on the Fighting Compartment Shields. It does not depict the colors used in the flower, nor the armor plating behind the gunner in the Maxim Turret, as reflected in the color photos of the actual gun truck from the Vietnam War immediately above. In my restoration and rebuilding of my original miniature - I'd stick to the 1968 photos as reference.

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